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Out of School Hours Care

We provide the following OSHC services:

Before school care - After school care - Vacation care


Our OSHC program is designed to inspire children’s growth, imagination and development in a safe and engaging environment. Our educational programs are based upon the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) curriculum to challenge and stimulate a child’s natural curiosity to explore and innovate. In addition, we offer a homework club for children who require assistance with set work from school when requested by parents.


We also provide children with plenty of free time and space for other activities/programs that include sports/outdoor team games, cooking, music, dance and many other fun activities. As our programs are interest based, children have the opportunity to choose or propose the activities they wish to participate in.


Children can participate in individual and group activities/projects based on the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) program. They will be encouraged to keep a personal S.T.E.A.M. discovery journal in a digital and/or hard copy format. 

Children can record their activities/projects through videos or photo format, drawings or creations of their ideas, their own comments explaining what they discovered or achieved and also comments from other students, educators and parents.

Boy Analyzing Circuit Board

Homework Club

When requested by parents, children can participate in a homework session with a qualified Educator who will review their homework requirements and assist them in completing tasks set by their school teachers i.e. reading, spelling, maths or special projects. The Educator can also provide parents with feedback on their child’s progress in their session and what work was completed.

Canva - Girls Drawing Homework Study Con
Canva - Group of Kids Pulling a Rope.jpg

Sports and Outdoor Team Activities

Children can participate in a variety of sporting or outdoor team activities to develop skills, physical fitness, hand eye coordination and team work.

Kids in the Kitchen

Children can learn how to prepare simple nutritious meals and snacks, as well as how to use cooking utensils and equipment. They will develop their own menus and learn to follow recipes. Where possible, children can grow their own vegetables to use in their recipes. Each child can keep their own “Kids in the Kitchen Recipe Book”, which will include their recipes, pictures and comments about the food and recipes they have prepared in the program.

Canva - Funny Children in the

Move “n” Groove Program

Children can participate in fun, simple fitness and dance activities to music. They will learn how to warm up their muscles and bodies by using appropriate stretching techniques and also develop coordination and rhythm through dance expression.

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