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Our Story

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Ready Set Grow is part of a WA family owned company, who have been successfully
operating early education and care services since 1993. The Ready Set Grow concept
was conceived and created from over 25 years of experience in the childcare industry, and a
passion to continually raise the standard of early education and care for all children in WA.

Ready Set Grow is based on the philosophy of providing children with a safe,
stimulating and nurturing learning environment, that inspires them to explore, discover and
grow. This ideal forms the basis of our ethos that we are “helping children grow toward a brighter future” and drives the passion of every Ready Set Grow educator.

At Ready Set Grow, we strive to provide every child with a foundation in life that will
give them a sense of acceptance and belonging, foster their natural curiosity to explore and
develop a confidence to discover their own abilities and independence to grow toward a brighter future.

We invite all families to experience the opportunity of being a part our Ready Set Grow family and look forward to the unique privilege of helping your children to grow.

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